What is CGS?

The College of Global Studies (CGS) is a forum that aims to critically debate the processes of globalization, identifying the main problems of the contemporary world as a starting point. Privileging historical and interdisciplinary perspectives, the CGS highlights the crucial contribution of the forms of thought and knowledge offered by the Social Sciences and Humanities, and also by Arts, to their understanding. It intends not only to stimulate the scientific discussion and creativity within the Centre for Social Studies (CES), but also to foster them in the wider Portuguese scientific community, namely by organizing collaborations with the University of Coimbra’s organic units and other Portuguese universities. The CGS will promote international and transnational collaborations, particularly in articulation with research networks and communities of the Global South. Lastly, it also aims to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge to broader audiences

How will it work?

CGS is based on a series of moments throughout the year where researchers reflect together on a topic developed by the invited speaker related to the contemporary world and its history. It has the format of two-day study sessions: a lecture given by the guest followed by discussion with the audience (day one); and a workshop with talks from the guest researchers and/or researchers selected through a call for papers (day two).
The activities at CGS are articulated with the working groups and CES’ Doctoral Programmes.

In 2021, CGS will organize its activities around three sets of essential themes:
1. The racial State and racism in contemporary societies
2. Digital humanities and the problem of epistemic exclusion
3. Colonialism and gender constructions

CGS will host as guest lectures David Theo Goldberg, director of the Humanities Research Institute at the University of California, United States of America, and one of the key names in the debates on Critical Race Theory, Digital Humanities and also on the place of the humanities in contemporary societies; and sociologist Oyèrónké Oyěwùmí, professor at Stony Brook University (USA) and a world reference in Gender Studies and Postcolonial Feminist Studies, using African experiences to illuminate pertinent theoretical issues.

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